RemoteTrust is just like being in the office.

COVID-19 has made remote working the new norm. Ensure your remote employees stay devoted with passion for their tasks as well as for their crafts and for their knowledge.


Your web community platform that integrates social activities in your remote working environment.

We offer 4 different community spaces to improve performance, increase employee satisfaction and enhance company profitability.

Video Meeting

Create a community platform to embrace your team socially. We ensure remote workers feel included.

Discussion Forum

Successful remote team-building initiative that keeps your company's culture alive by sharing interests, experiences and playing games.


Friendly competitions to foster cohesion in your teams. Bringing our creative and competitive skills as well as embracing diversity.


Tailor-made and adaptable solutions in line with your company culture.

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We make sure that everybody gets involved.

Not everybody is a fluent community facilitator. We offer community facilitators to ensure the effective use of our platform to keep people engaged. Use RemoteTrust unique facility service supported by experts.

We want to make it easier for you

Standalone licensing

Integration to corporate network

User friendly

Individual profiles

Video Streaming

Engaging platform

Customized solution


All professional roles are included

All employees will feel connected to the company

Remote Manager

Remote managers will enjoy tools to engage teams and foster a healthy company culture

Remote Employees

Remote employees will connect with their peers in a relaxing environment.

Remote Facilitator

Facilitator service to build solid bridges for all professionals within the organization.

Who we are.

We are born global and remote working is in our DNA

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